1. conflictingheart:

    The magic of ordinary days.

    I surrender with this beauty of warm light falls into my skin

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  3. An Ode to a Monster

    Why the words are sealed

    Why people can be really tiring when silence is what i seek

    Why you lower your gaze on me

    Why, why, oh why

    Why you grow your distance

    Why you have to be so impulsively miserable
    Like, the weight of the world about to crush you

    Why you creating your own monster
    Why you never talk about it
    Why do you have to keep it yourself

    What’s stopping you from telling the world

    You never seek Him when you lost

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  6. Florence & The Machine
    Never Let Me Go
  7. Though the pressure’s hard to take
    It’s the only way I can escape
    It seems a heavy choice to make
    And now I am under all

    And it’s breaking over me

    A thousand miles down to the sea bed
    Found the place to rest my head

    Never let me go
    Never let me go
    Never let me go

    Never let me go



  8. "I have so much of you in my heart."
    — John Keats (via missinyouiskillingme)


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  11. wired:

    When 17-year-old George Hotz became the world’s first hacker to crack AT&T’s lock on the iPhone in 2007, the companies officially ignored him while scrambling to fix the bugs his work exposed. When he later reverse engineered the Playstation 3, Sony sued him and settled only after he agreed to never hack another Sony product.

    When Hotz dismantled the defenses of Google’s Chrome operating system earlier this year, by contrast, the company paid him a $150,000 reward for helping fix the flaws he’d uncovered. Two months later Chris Evans, a Google security engineer, followed up by email with an offer: How would Hotz like to join an elite team of full-time hackers paid to hunt security vulnerabilities in every popular piece of software that touches the internet?

    Today Google plans to publicly reveal that team, known as Project Zero, a group of top Google security researchers with the sole mission of tracking down and neutering the most insidious security flaws in the world’s software. Those secret hackable bugs, known in the security industry as “zero-day” vulnerabilities, are exploited by criminals, state-sponsored hackers and intelligence agencies in their spying operations. By tasking its researchers to drag them into the light, Google hopes to get those spy-friendly flaws fixed. And Project Zero’s hackers won’t be exposing bugs only in Google’s products. They’ll be given free rein to attack any software whose zero-days can be dug up and demonstrated with the aim of pressuring other companies to better protect Google’s users.

    MORE: Meet ‘Project Zero,’ Google’s Secret Team of Bug-Hunting Hackers


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  14. A Vote a Hope

    And here comes the day of election 2014 for a better Indonesia
    A vote means a hope
    A dream, a wish, a pray for a better Indonesia

    I must say i really concern and excited for a change this time.
    Though i don’t have a deep knowledge about politics, doesn’t mean i’m blind or easily influenced by shallow black-campaign. I’ve done more research than any election i’ve ever pass

    And sure i did “unfollow” friends with several problems who brings “SARA” issues with unproper words where i see no justice

    Both of them have their own strength to lead.
    I see how the character, the deliverance of speeches, manners, attitude and enthusiasm of both gentlemen about to serve their motherland

    And “The Mother” needs her “children” to always look upon her

    Blessed our country,
    blessed this motherland!

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  16. #LanaDelRey nailed it!

    #LanaDelRey nailed it!

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  20. "Don’t let what he wants eclipse what you need. He’s very dreamy, but he’s not the sun. You are."
    ~ Cristina Yang (via conflictingheart)
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  23. Galapagos
  24. Gotta reblog my post from last year
    Because this music is a perfect soundtrack for my getaway weekend

    feel so rejoice all over again

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  25. Feel the waves and enjoy the breeze

    Feel the waves and enjoy the breeze

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